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RateWatch+ | Exclusively by Hello Mortgage: Your Path to the Best Rates in Alberta

Your Journey to the Best Mortgage Rates, Simplified

Discover the Hello Mortgage Advantage with RateWatch+: Your Key to the Best Rates in Alberta. In the dynamic world of mortgage rates, staying ahead is crucial. That's why we've crafted RateWatch+, a unique, inclusive service that vigilantly monitors and negotiates mortgage rates for you. Exclusive to our clients, RateWatch+ is not just a feature—it's our standard, reflecting our commitment to providing exceptional value and peace of mind at every stage of your mortgage journey.

Pre-Approval: Securing Your Future
With RateWatch+, begin your Alberta home-buying journey with confidence. We provide a 90-120 day rate hold, ensuring stability in your initial steps.

Found The One: Maximizing Your Savings and Security
Once you've found your ideal home in Alberta, RateWatch+ actively compares your rate hold with the current market rates. If we find lower rates, we automatically provide you with the lowest rate you qualify for.

After receiving a mortgage commitment, RateWatch+ continues its diligent work. We monitor the lender's rates up until closing, and if rates drop, we negotiate on your behalf for a rate reduction, ensuring you secure the best possible rate right up to the point of closing your mortgage in Alberta.

After Closing: Continuous Support and Savings
Even after your mortgage closes, our commitment doesn't end. Unlike traditional banks, which typically don't proactively reach out with saving opportunities, RateWatch+ is designed to actively look for better rates even after your mortgage closes, adding an extra layer of confidence and control over your financial journey.

You can rest easy knowing that behind the scenes, we're looking for ways to save you money. If an opportunity presents itself, we'll proactively reach out.

RateWatch+ ensures that you enjoy an added layer of confidence and control over your financial journey in Alberta, making your mortgage experience not just a transaction, but a carefully managed financial strategy.

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